Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Receipt Ninja for iPhone is on Apple App Store

Receipt Ninja for iPhone is on Apple App Store today!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Feature: Cloud Backup

Version 1.5.5 introduces the new feature of cloud backup supported by Dropbox. The cloud backup feature helps you better protect your personal data and makes it easy to synchronize data between your phone, PC, and other devices.

Here's what you can play with the cloud backup feature:
  • Backup your receipt pictures to Dropbox
  • Restore your events from Dropbox
  • Keep your data when changing from one phone to another
  • View your receipt pictures on PC, Web, etc using Dropbox
  • Share the group receipt pictures with your friends 

Receipt Ninja is on Android Market and Amazon App Store

Receipt Ninja is on Android Market  and Amazon App Store

Receipt Ninja makes it easy to track and split expenses.

Love travelling with friends but hate doing the math afterwards? Figuring out who paid for what and how to split the expenses has now been made easy for you by Receipt Ninja. It is extremely simple to track and split group expenses and you can conveniently share the financials with your buddies using Email, SMS, or Dropbox. Let Receipt Ninja manage your expenses and you just go get on the road!
Key features include:
-Track receipts with pictures.
-Split group expenses anyway you want (evenly or unevenly).
-Share the report and receipts using Email, SMS, or Dropbox.
-Avoid circular debts(A owes B, B owes C).
-Export to Excel(.csv).
-Support SD card backup and cloud backup using Dropbox.