Sunday, March 10, 2013


1. How to send email of receipts?
Tap “Share”->”Email” on the “Reports” tab.

2. How to export .csv report?
Tap “Share”->”Email” on the “Reports” tab, the .csv file should be the attachment of the email.

3. How to see the details (e.g. who paid for how much) of the receipts?
Tap “Share”->”Email” on the “Reports” tab, the email shows the details.

4. How to make advance/cash/partial payments to offset balances?
See this post at

5. How to add new currency?
Tap "Currencies"->"Edit"->The "plus" button on the left of the first currency shown in the table.

6. How to change the default currency?
First follow the steps in 5 to add the new default currency. Then tap "Currencies"->"Edit"->The first currency shown in the table->Choose the new default currency

7. How to edit the exchange rate?
Tap "Currencies"->"Edit"->The currency which you want to change

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thank all the volunteers!

We would like to express our sincere thanks here to all the volunteers who helped us in translating Receipt Ninja to different languages. They are:

Borisov Artiom (Russian)
Frank Bouillon (German)
Andrea Melis (Italian)
Diego Travaini (Italian)
Wagner Augusto Andreoli (Brazilian Portuguese)
Elias Michalakeas (Greek)
Audrey Durand (French)
Morten Neesgaard (Danish)

We do appreciate the efforts and contributions made by you guys!

We are still looking for new volunteers. If you found your language is not in our list, feel free to email us.