Monday, February 11, 2013

FAQ (Android)

1. How to send email of receipts?
Tap “Share”->”Email” on the “Reports” tab.

2. How to export .csv report?
Tap “Share”->”Email” on the “Reports” tab, the .csv file should be the attachment of the email.

3. How to see the details (e.g. who paid for how much) of the receipts?
Tap “Share”->”Email” on the “Reports” tab, the email shows the details.

4. How to make advance/cash/partial payments to offset balances?
See this post at

5. What does "X should pay next" mean?
"X should pay next" means that X has the most negative balance now so that he/she should pay next time in order to reduce/clear his/her debts.

6. What does "Coefficient" mean?
"Coefficient" means how many people the person represents in even splits (default is 1). For example, if A's coefficient is 2, then it means that A will be responsible for 2 people in even splits. If there are A and B in the even split and the amount is $30, then A will be responsible for $20, and B will be responsible for $10 instead of a $15- $15. This is useful for couples/family and only one person is paying for the group.

7. What does inactive member mean?
Once a member is set as inactive, he/she won't be included for future splits. This may happen when some members leave the group but they had shared expenses with others.

8. Why does it say "No event to sync"?
Because you haven't synced any events and there's no event that shared with you either. To sync an event, you can tap "Events"->long tap the event name->"Sync" or you can select "Sync" when creating a new event.

9. I synced an event with my friend, but he/she cannot receive it on his/her device. What happened?
We use Gmail account on the device to identify users, so please make sure you enter the same Gmail address as your friend would use to sync on his/her device when you sync the event. Please let us know if the problem still exists even you used the same Gmail address.

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