Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips for advance/cash/partial payments, etc.

Recently, we received many users' requests to add the options to make advance/cash/partial payments to offset balances. You can actually do this with the current version of the app. Here are some scenarios:

Let's say we have 3 people A, B, C in the group.

1. A makes an advance payment of $100 before the trip:
    a) Create a new receipt with $100;
    b) Add a new category called "Advance Payment" or whatever you like;
    c) Choose A as the payer and share "evenly";
    d) Save the receipt.

2. During the trip, one day B wants to clear his debits ($30) with C:
    a) Create a new receipt with $30;
    b) Add a new category called "Cash Payment" or whatever you like;
    c) Choose B as the payer and share "unevenly" with C only;
    d) Save the receipt.

Basically, you can make any kinds of payments to offset the balances using the even/unevenly splits.

Let us know if this solves your expense splitting problems:)


  1. Hi
    I have reviewed your tips for advance payment, But its not satisfied actual goal. Once receipt was created in Advance Payment option then we can not create receipt with new category for which that amount actually spent. So this not solve issue.

    Also i found one issue in my last trip. I have created one event and added 6 people who spent amount and then created receipt. Then after i added one another person and then create receipt. Now when i seen report its not equally divide amount for last person whom i added later. As it not reflected amount for which receipt was created before adding that person. So that create uneven amount, hence i want equal share for all of them.

    1. Hi Sanket,

      Well, this is just a workaround for the advance payment. We are thinking of where and how to implement a direct way to do it in the app.

      For your second issue, what we assume is that people add the members first and then start tracking, if new members join later, they won't affect the previous receipts. So that's why you saw the uneven split after adding the last person. We could ask users if they want to split the previous expenses all evenly, but it may be complicated if there are already some uneven splits between the old members and making all of them even will change everything.

      What we can do about it is to ask users if they want to add the newly added person to those previous receipts with even splits. It will solve the problem you encountered.

    2. Hi

      Thank you for your reply. Yes for my second issue you can ask user at the time of adding that whether they want to split previous review for new user also or not. That would be great feature.

      And if you implement advance option then that is also helping this application to make it great.